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Session Preparation

There are a few things we recommend that you do the week before your session.

  • Schedule any facials or peels at least 7 days prior to your session
  • Get a manicure and pedicure a day or two before
  • Avoid getting tan lines a couple weeks before hand, go for spaghetti strap or strapless swim tops & tanks
  • Please do not get a spray tan!  (they usually look streaked, and rub off on bedding & backdrops)
  • Get plenty of rest & drink lots of water to make your skin glow
  • Don’t worry about a single pimple however, that’s something we can fix
  • Please arrive with dry clean hair & don’t forget to shave the morning of your session
  • Have a small meal before you arrive.  We provide snacks and drinks, but doing a session can be a workout!

Why should I do a boudoir session?

A lot of our inquiries come from women wanting to surprise their significant other with a gift for a special occasion.  And while we know those gifts are very well received, that isn’t all that our clients walk away with.  A boudoir session also builds confidence while being a great way of pampering yourself!

While a lot of our first time clients feel anxious the first few minutes, the worry melts quickly away and our clients end up having a blast.  We play your favorite music, offer drinks & treats while you get your hair and make-up professionally done.  Don’t worry, you do not need to lose another 10 pounds before your session.  Our posing and lighting expertise will help you look like the best possible you and is we’ve been told we shave off a dress size or two.  After your photography session, you may want to go out on the town with your spouse or friends, because you will look and feel like a million bucks!

Not sure what to wear?  Don’t fret, we offer a wardrobe consultation at no charge with each of our sessions.  We have a few pieces in our Studio Closet that you may borrow as well.  Incorporating his button down, sports jersey, or even going with an implied nude look is always popular.   Doing this as a wedding gift?  Perhaps schedule it the same day as your make-up and hair trial run and we can include your bridal look into the session.  Don’t forget about adding some heels and jewelry for finished look.










A boudoir session is more about awaking your inner goddess than it is anything else.  It allows you to find your passion and inner confidence.  Its a liberating experience and we find more and more women are doing it for themselves.  Who couldn’t use a confidence boost while being pampered?  Lets connect so we can learn more about what you envision for your special day!

E-mail: info@irisboudoir.com

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